Monday, September 28, 2009

Rainy days, Lattes and Boyfried Jeans

I used to dread Sundays. I don't know why? Probably because they brought the promise of another school week filled with lectures, readings, assignments and work and too little time for anything remotely relaxing. Like clockwork, around 4:00pm every Sunday afternoon, I would start to feel anxious, questioning my movements of the day and hoping I had gotten everything done. However, I don't know exactly when this happened, but I realized that I no longer dread Sundays, instead, I take refuge in them.

Yesterday was a rainy Sunday. I must confess, I love rainy fall days. Something about the dampness in the air and the leafs changing colour and having to layer sweater upon sweater makes me happy. I did not have any big plans, just a breakfast date with a friend. Instead of turning to my default skinny jeans, I put on my new gap boyfriend jeans (they feel like you are wearing pajamas), a black sweater, a blazer and some flats. I did my Sunday makeup routine, just mascara, a highlight on the lid, and some blush (Sundays are not made for makeup) and was out the door. I sought refuge from the damp in my local Starbucks, and with my latte in hand, my jeans, and a cool fall breeze, I felt like the world was at my feet.

It's amazing how easily we forget the small pleasures in life. I could not be more guilty. But yesterday, instead of stressing over school and my life in general, I rediscovered the little things that make me smile... comfortable jeans, a delicious latte, fall rainy days and having somebody to enjoy it with.

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