Monday, September 28, 2009

Rainy days, Lattes and Boyfried Jeans

I used to dread Sundays. I don't know why? Probably because they brought the promise of another school week filled with lectures, readings, assignments and work and too little time for anything remotely relaxing. Like clockwork, around 4:00pm every Sunday afternoon, I would start to feel anxious, questioning my movements of the day and hoping I had gotten everything done. However, I don't know exactly when this happened, but I realized that I no longer dread Sundays, instead, I take refuge in them.

Yesterday was a rainy Sunday. I must confess, I love rainy fall days. Something about the dampness in the air and the leafs changing colour and having to layer sweater upon sweater makes me happy. I did not have any big plans, just a breakfast date with a friend. Instead of turning to my default skinny jeans, I put on my new gap boyfriend jeans (they feel like you are wearing pajamas), a black sweater, a blazer and some flats. I did my Sunday makeup routine, just mascara, a highlight on the lid, and some blush (Sundays are not made for makeup) and was out the door. I sought refuge from the damp in my local Starbucks, and with my latte in hand, my jeans, and a cool fall breeze, I felt like the world was at my feet.

It's amazing how easily we forget the small pleasures in life. I could not be more guilty. But yesterday, instead of stressing over school and my life in general, I rediscovered the little things that make me smile... comfortable jeans, a delicious latte, fall rainy days and having somebody to enjoy it with.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Going to the Chapel

Fall is officially here!
And what better way to start off the season with a wedding! I love weddings, I can always count on them to give me that warm and fuzzy feeling. The best part of any wedding is choosing what you are going to wear. Shopping for the dress, the perfect accessories and shoes to match, provides me with that same warm and fuzzy feeling!
So here is what I came up with:

Dress -- Banana Republic ($124)

Necklace -- Mexx (Borrowed from Mom)

Headband -- Club Monaco ($36)

Shoes -- Franco Sarto (Can't remember)

Black Tights -- Club Monaco (Can't remember)

I am excited to put it all together. I love navy, it is classy, yet stands apart from basic black. Mixed with the black and grays from the necklace, this outfit encompasses all of my favorite colours. Boring neutral to some, but timeless classics to me. A bit on the pricey side when it's all laid out, but the only thing that was newly purchased was the headband. Everything else was already in my closet, which makes me and my wallet feel better! I am bringing a black blazer with me as well, just in case, as the ceremony is outside...I hate being cold!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Foundation Problem...

I have a problem...

I have very very fair skin. I used to think that this was a curse when I was younger. However, with time,I have come to love my fair complexion and have thus, become a lover of all the things that we should all use to protect our skin... sunscreen every day (even in the winter), foundation and tinted moisturizers with SPF, and most importantly, i have stayed away from the tanning beds. Love for my pale skin in hand, I have set out in search of a foundation that can match no avail...until recently!
Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation was supposed to be my miracle. Walking into Sephora on a rainy work day, I remember I had little butterflies, thinking my days of blending and mixing were over. I picked 107 - Pink, the lightest shade they make which has pink undertones, which is what really sold me. Because I felt so happy, I also purchased the HD Microfinish Loose Powder and an Aqua Eyes Eyeliner (black).
That night and still in a fabulous mood, I washed my face and applied the foundation. The colour matched perfectly as it had in Sephora, so in my world nothing could go wrong. I applied the loose powder and even abandoned my beloved Dior liquid eyeliner to test the Aqua Eyes. I left the house feeling confident that I had finally found my foundation.
That night I was asked if I was feeling alright, and that I looked very pale, not something any girl wants to hear. I got home and looked in the mirror and saw that my face looked flaky and had a white film over it. The next day I tried the foundation again, without the loose powder, and halfway through the day my skin looked flaky again (which I must point out, it is not). I tried and tried and tried to love this foundation. But after many painful mornings of having to rewash my face, I finally banished MUFE HD foundation and loose powder to the lonely bottom drawer of my bathroom.
Any suggestions?